Welcome to the web site for Kerley Technical Services (KTS). This site offers information and resources that I have developed and collected during more than 40 years as an equation of state (EOS) theorist. (See my biographical information.) It also presents the results of new research that I am carrying out, now that I am semi-retired from the consulting business.

The following scientific topics are discussed on this site:

  • Fundamental questions in quantum mechanics & statistical mechanics.

  • Electronic structure of condensed matter at low & high temperatures.

  • Theoretical models of solids, liquids, mixtures, & phase transitions.

  • Molecular phenomena & chemical equilibrium.

  • Computer codes for assembling EOS tables.

  • Non-equilibrium material behavior—porosity, reactions, & material strength.

  • Applications—numerical simulation of shock‑waves & other hydrodynamic phenomena.

Navigating the Site

Use the boxes at the left to obtain information on these and other topics:

  • About Us: My background, experience, & research interests

  • Tutorials: On-line documents, topics in EOS theory, modeling, & applications

  • Publications: My papers and reports, indexed and annotated according to topic

  • Blog: Timely issues, answers to inquiries, matters that don't fit elsewhere

  • News: New additions to the site & other items of interest

  • Database: EOS tables and material data

  • EOSPro: Information about the EOSPro code and how to download it

  • Other Software: Programs and subroutines for various applications

  • Links: Links to other useful web sites

  • Site Map: Website overview

  • Contact: How to get in touch with me

Many parts of this site are still under construction. The EOSPro code is now available for download but will continue to evolve in the future; check for new developments in this area. Three tutorials (11.4 hours of narrated PPT presentations) have been completed. I have also uploaded the first three parts of a fourth tutorial (an additional 4 hours); other parts will be added as I finish them. The website also provides reports and tutorials on new and ongoing research; I will add additional ones to the site as they become available. New additions will be announced in the blog and news pages. The "Database" and "Other Software" pages are not yet available.

Access to this site is restricted.

Many of the ideas and opinions on this website conflict with those that are currently popular and fashionable. Some people will find that very disturbing and emotionally stressful. Therefore, this site is off-limits to people who have closed minds, who already have all the answers, who cannot process information that conflicts with their opinions, or who are too busy to learn new things. Those individuals are expressly prohibited from viewing any of the tutorials or downloading and reading any of the reports.

This site is free and open to people who have open minds, who want to learn new things, who are willing to invest time and effort into the learning process, and who have the capacity to change their minds when given new information. To those who qualify, I hope you will find it interesting and useful. You are free to offer feedback, constructive comments, and ideas. 

                                                                                                —Gerald I. Kerley

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